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Annual statement filing

Annual Statement Company Filing

Every Limited Liability Company is required to file an annual statement each year. The bureau send out a printed form to the registered agent office 90 days before the due date. This statement reports changes made by the company during the year, such as change of registered agents and office etc. If the company fails to file an annual statement, the company will no longer be in good standing with the state, and after two years the name becomes available to another corporation or limited liabilty company.

Obtain Your Company [Employer Identification Number] EIN


Save time and the hassle of dealing with the paperwork and get your IRS company EIN in minutes.


Operating Agreement

Set the rules and regulations that your company will abide by. Ownership percentages etc. Very important to have one of these set up for your company. Don't go to court in the event of a lawsuit at a disadvantage.

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