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Web Wide - Digital Marketing Agency

Creative Website Designers for Financial Services, Law Firms and Medical Practices  

Discover Web Wide, Southfield, MI's leading Website Design Agency. Our secure, user-friendly website design expertise ensures a high-quality digital presence. Trust Web Wide for unparalleled online engagement.

Turn your website browsers into customers

Websites that inspire and convert

What we do?

Web Wide transforms your digital presence with a bespoke website design that speaks directly to your audience.


Specializing in Financial Services, Law Firms, and Medical Practices, our expert team crafts tailored websites that captivate but convert.


From elegant, professional layouts for Law Firms to user-friendly, secure platforms for Financial Services, and intuitive, patient-centered designs for Medical Practices, we ensure your online space truly reflects the excellence of your sector.

How we do it?

Our approach combines innovation, industry insight, and impeccable design aesthetics.


We start with a deep dive into your unique sector requirements, —whether it's compliance for Financial Services, authoritative professionalism for Law Firms, or empathy and clarity for Medical Practices.


Utilizing the latest in web technology and SEO strategies, we build not just websites, but comprehensive digital experiences that engage, inform, and persuade your target audience to take action.

The Benefits for Your Sector

  • Financial Services: Enhance trust and user engagement with secure, accessible, and informative websites that simplify complex financial information, making it easy for your clients to make informed decisions.

  • Law Firms:  Establish authority and build client confidence with professionally designed websites that highlight your expertise, streamline appointment booking, and offer seamless access to legal resources.

  • Medical Practices: Improve patient experience with intuitive, easy-to-navigate websites that provide vital health information, appointment scheduling, and patient portals, ensuring your practice stands out in the healthcare industry.

Image by Ilya Pavlov

We integrate cutting-edge security features in our Website Designs

Let us craft you a website, strategically designed to convert curiosity into loyalty. Pricing starts at $549

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